What is the specific meaning of equipment grounding conductor in S6.1

Dear experts:
S6.1 Equipment grounding conductor<1 ohm refers to the impedance from the interface of the static grounding wire to the interface of the equipment grounding conductor, or the impedance from the AC equipment to the equipment grounding wire?

Assuming you are referring to 6.2.1 Equipment Grounding Conductor. The less than 1 ohm impedance shall be measured between the outlet used to power the equipment and the neutral connection at within the equipment electrical panel.

If you are referring to a separate document section please provide that detail.


Does the measurement need to go from third pin ground at the outlet all the way to the equipment electrical panel? Or will testing with the ideal SureTest Circuit Analyzer satisfy this requirement?

The SureTest Circuit Analyzer will satisfy the requirement. It makes the measurement from neutral to ground. One word of caution, if there is a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) this measurement will make it trip.

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