Suction Pads Test

Hi ESD experts,

Just want to confirm if how can we properly measure or test a small suction pads / vacuum pads electrical properties?

thank you in advance!

Thank you for your question.

While there are no specifically designed test methods for things like suction cups, you can learn about their electrical properties in a simple test. Adhere a suction cup to a metal plate. Place a smaller metal plate on top of the suction cup making sure it does not touch the bottom plate. Using a volt-ohmmeter, contact one lead to the base plate with the suction cup and the other lead to top plate on top of the suction cup. You will get some sort of indication of the electrical resistance of the cup.

If you happen to have a charged plate monitor (CPM) instrument (used for measuring ionizers), you could adhere a suction cup to the metal plate of the instrument, apply a voltage to the plate from the instrument, then touch the top of the suction cup with a grounded wire to see if the suction cup will dissipate the charge on the plate. This will also tell you something about how the suction cup conducts charge.

You may want to have some outside assistance on this. Several of the consultants listed in our Buyer’s Guide on the web site have labs that can do these sorts of evaluations. They would have to charge you something but it would probably not be a lot for these quick evaluations. To be thorough, the testing should be done at low humidity to see how the material reacts when the moisture content is reduced.

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