Stack test method for packaging materials


Our products will be packed in blister boxes, and these blister boxes are stacked together, a total of 10 layers, do we need to verify the point-to-ground point resistance between the top layer of blister boxes and the common ground point?
During the inspection of incoming materials, we have conducted a point-to-point test on a single blister box, and the test results meet the requirements of ≥110^4Ω-110^11Ω.
We will not work on the surface of the blister box, only the action of loading the product; in addition, for the sake of insurance, do we need to carry out ion neutralization during the process of loading the blister box.

Thank you so much!

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Hello Alan,

Since the blister box is considered packaging, it does not need to test resistance to ground. Packaging is meant to protect ESD sensitive items in uncontrolled environments and may not have any connection to ground.

As far a loading and unloading, if they are done on an ESD controlled worksurface, measure the resistance to ground at the load and unload point. If connected, an ionizer is not needed. If it is not connected, check to see if there is any possibility for charging. If not, you many not need any ionizer.

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