S20.20 Qualification Clarification


Hi, I am looking for some clarification to the S20.20 section on Qualification:

Section 7.3 For ESD control items that were installed by the Organization before the adoption of this standard, on-going compliance verification records can be used as evidence of product qualification.

We have an ESD floor already in the facility from some time ago and there is no specification data available - reading the above leads me to believe that as long as we continue to carry out verification testing (which we do, and it’s within limits) that satisfies the qualification standard.

Can anyone confirm/deny/comment?

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi, your understanding may be correct. For the floor itself, ongoing compliance verification records can be used as objective evidence for product qualification. If in addition, the floor is used as part of a footwear/flooring system, then system resistance and body voltage measurements must be done per ANSI/ESD STM97.1 and ANSI/ESD STM97.2. That data will be needed no matter how much resistance data you have on the floor. Ensure that you take data during the lowest humidity time of the year as proof.

Start taking body voltage measurement as soon as possible if none exists. Continue a few times during the year to ensure the environment does not impact the measurement.

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Thanks JohnK, I hadn’t defined the flooring as a system - that makes much more sense from a qualifying perspective. It does go into it further in TR53 and note 6 of S20.20.

Once again, thanks for your input.