Purchase of ESD magnifying lamps

Good Morning
We will compare magnifying table lamps that are within 12 inches of PCBs and ESD sensitive components.
Should I consider buying with a certificate?
Or what points should I take into account to avoid non-compliance with the ANSI ESD S20.20 standard?


Good Question,

It has been my experience in the past to try and get at least a data sheet from the manufacturer that at least details the composition of the lamp (i.e. is the material dissapative or insulative) but since there is no real Standard Test method for testing of lamps, you may need to get creative.

I did a couple of tests to validate or qualify my magnifiers for use. 1. i used a two point probe to characterize the resisitivity properties of the lamp. 2. I then used a non-contact voltmeter to try and characterize the voltage that may be present on the different parts of the lamp (paying close attention to those areas that may come into close proximity to my product.

I chose a value of <100 volts (used as a safety margin) to allow for installation on my workbenches.

Hope this helps