Product Qualification

Hi ESD Expert,

would like to ask if there is a standard written for the product qualification sampling size and number of trials per sample.

thank you.

The standard test method for each ESD control item has the sample size needed for qualification. The standard test method will also include what needs to be measured and what needs to be reported.
For example, for a worksurface standard test method ANSI/ESD STM 4.1 is required. Three worksurfaces are required and then multiple measurements to the groundable point and point to point measurements.

Dear John,

yes. But there is like a specific number of measurements. sometimes it confuses us if like for materials like consumables, is it still compliance or acceptable if we only do say 3 measurements per sample? was there any specific required number or we can just identify base on our capabilities or resources?



For compliance verification there is only one measurement that is required. For consumables, such as packaging, a sampling plan is acceptable and can be defined by you. There are no minimum requirements beyond the fact you have to have a plan and objective evidence that you perform to the plan. The sampling plan is also left to you.


i see.

thank you so much.