Product qualification Requirement

Hi ESD Experts,

have one question regarding the new product qualification requirement on S20.20-2021 version. since it is already stated that we can use the facility controlled RH and temp, does this mean that our previous tailoring statement can now be remove and and move it to our product qualification requirement?

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Hello Rosalie,

Can you post a summary of your tailoring statement before we comment.

If the tailoring statement is that you qualify ESD control items at the lowest RH level at your facility then it may be able to be removed. This is now allowed in ANSI/ESD S20.20 but you need to have records of the RH in the facility that shows that.

Hi John,
thank you for your response.
yes, that is exactly what is our tailoring. it states like this, " Conditioning and measurement shall be done within the manufacturing RH and temp."

can we remove this statement and make a statement on our production qualification what to perform within the manufacturing envi and what goes with low RH and temp?

thank you.

Yes it can be removed as the product qualification in ANSI/ESD 20.20 allows for this. From 20.20,
Organizations with facilities where the annual minimum relative humidity (RH) is above the environmental conditioning levels identified within the product qualification test method for each ESD control item can use this minimum value to qualify each item used within that facility. However, any ESD control items that leave these facilities (for example, packaging) shall be qualified using environmental test requirements within the product qualification test methods identified in Tables 2, 3, and 4 of this standard.

Note that ESD control items, such as ESD controlled packaging, must be qualified at the temp and RH requirements of the standards as they go into a non-controlled environment.

Dear John,

yes. agree on packaging.
thank you very much.