Point to groundable point measurement

Would like to ask questions regarding the term “point to groundable point” resistance measurement. Can i use this on my compliance verification plan? Will i still be compliant or do you see any issues on it?

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Point to groundable point does not meet the requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20. Point to groundable point does not verify a connection to the grounding system. This could only be used if this was an equipotential system. In that case, you make a point to common connection point.
The implications would be isolated worksurfaces and the small possibility that stray voltages could exist. If the company was going to get certified to ANSI/ESD S20.20 than this could result in a major non conformance.

Dear JohnK,

Thank you so much for the clarification.
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Dear JohnK,

Just came in, what if we have our checking of our groundable point, still are we not allowed to use it on our compliance verification?


What you need to show is a connection from the worksurface to ground. If you check the worksurface to groundable point and grondable point to the selected grounding system at the same time, then you could use that as part of the compliance verification. However, you would need to document that and prove it with a technical justification.
If you do this with two separate measurements, the case could be made that you never really check the entire system at once.
In my opinion, why do two separate measurements when one will do?

Dear JohnK,

Yes that is exactly what we are looking at in using the groundable point measurement. We found it difficult to justify in that case and worst we need to check both.

Thank you very much. It help us a lot!