New Requirements Packaging section

Hello ESD Association.

I have a doubt in the new update Packaging section. if i have ESD bins to place components and the Propeties of the bins is 100% ESD and never lose this characteristic, is a requirement to include in the compliance verification according to the table 4.?

other question, also i used shielding bags in the packaging process (only one use), is a requirement of the ANSI ESD20.20 include in the compliance verification these bags?

Thank you for the support


Hello Profirio,

The “new” requirement on packaging is really not new. It has always been a requirement to have a compliance verification program for all ESD control items.
First, let’s address the bins. How do you know they never lose this characteristic? Is there some report or study to prove this? If there is, then a technical justification can be written to exclude testing of the bins. I would caution that this study must be some sort of life study so it can be proven.
Shielding bags can be tested on an incoming lot basis. The simple resistance test will at least confirm part of the bag and has shown bags that have had process problems.
As with any compliance verification plan, sampling is allowed.

Hope this helps.

Thank you John, for recommendations and feedback to prevent any non-conformance.

I appreciate your support.