Is there any other index related to CDM sensitivity level?

Hi All,

To my understanding, there’s several index that related to ESD(CDM) sensitivity level:

  1. Process node - due to thinner gate oxide
  2. Package size - the bigger the size, CDM current is higher
  3. Package type?
  4. Package thickness?

Is there other index? e.g., package type(BGA, QFN, FCCSP…) or package thickness?

Kindly advise, thanks!


Hi Bruce,
Points 2,3 and 4 will all effect the capacitance so they do change the CDM sensitivity. Another item to consider is the data speed of the signals. The faster the data rate, the more sensitive that pin is. To have fast data rates, the parasitic of ESD protection circuits must be reduced. This usually causes a reduction in the CDM sensitivity.

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