Identification of EPA in SMT line unit

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   There is one point that intrigues me when defining EPAs within an SMT (surface mounted technology) unit, should I consider that by going through the door it is practically an EPA ?, or rather limited recesses because in every corner there is ESDS
   Also for the human aspect, operators will be more sensitive and aware if there was several EPAs or rather if it was generalized, especially concerning the wearing of bracelets ...??

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This is highly dependent on your process. Either way will conform to the standards. Some things to consider, if you define the entire SMT area as an EPA, then anyone that enters without an escort would need to be training on EPA protocols. It could be as simple as don’t touch anything while in the EPA. The training in ANSI/ESD S20.20 or IEC 61340-5-1 for personnel who handle ESDS items can be different from this.

From my experience, most companies define the SMT area as an EPA. That way everyone is reminded when entering the area and it allows for maximum flexibility. If each area within the SMT line is identified, there has to be a way to create these areas. Each time an SMT line is moved or rearranged, the EPAs would have to be redefined.

As I said, the either choice conforms to the standards.

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