How to ground N2 cabinet


Is there a proper way to ground N2 cabinet?
And if I want to install dissipative mat, what is the proper way to ground the mat? since the surface of the cabinet is coated.
I’m puzzled on this since I cannot make a hole as pathway for the ground wire.

Thank you.


Grounding would be dependent on the construction of the N2 cabinet. Is the internal shelves grounded through the cabinet itself? If it is just placing the mat on the shelf would be grounded. First make some measurements to see if the internal shelves are grounded.
Second, consider if the parts are in protective packaging. For example, if the parts are in trays, placing an empty tray on top would be considered protective packaging and grounding is optional. If they are in tape and reel the parts are considered in protective packaging. Unless individual parts are stored on the shelves, grounding may not be required.

Hi JohnK,

Upon checking, shelves are not grounded to the cabinet. Shelves and the body/cabinet itself is coated. Parts placed inside the N2 cabinet are not stored in protected packaging.
Please help to advise on how we can comply.

Thank you.

I would consider some way to provide protective packaging in the cabinet. This way grounding would not be required. Protective packaging within an EPA can be done many ways. Without knowing how your parts are stored or what type of package they are in it would be difficult to provide a specific answer.
Another way would be to put dissipative mats down in the cabinet with a wire that can be connected to ground while you load and unload the parts. The wire can be disconnected after the load or unload and then the cabinet can be closed. This would be manual but it would work without having to create a portal in the cabinet.

Hello JohnK,

Thank you for sharing your ideas.