Hello experts! What is the upper limit value for anti-static items?

Hello experts! I would like to know why the upper limit value of anti-static items used in the process is 1.0X10 ^ 9 Ω, while the packaging material can be 1.0X10 ^ 11 Ω. Is there a formula for calculating this upper limit value? Thank you!

There is not really a formula but a difference in application. The 1x10^9 resistance to ground is based on how long to take a charge object, such as a tote box, to discharge. If the resistance to ground is less than 1x10^9 ohms it should take less than 1 sec.
The packaging specification is to protect the ESDS item from damage in an uncontrolled environment. This application is to prevent a discharge to the device itself. The 1x10^11 has been established for a long time and originally came from another standard.
It is not really a formula but application dependent.