Grounding System Requirement

Hi ESD Expert,

have some clarification with regards to grounding system. As per section 6.2 of ANSI/ESD S6.1-2019, periodic verification of grounding system is a must, however, ANSI/ ESD S20.20 does not require compliance verification. Which is more likely to comply if we are towards to certification?

thank you in advance.


I’m assuming when you refer to an audit you are referring to an S20.20 ESD audit to obtain or recertify as compliant. If so, than the S20.20 standard is going to be your governing document. The other ESDA documents are a resource for you to build your ESD Program with proven test methods that you can refer to as used to meet the requirements of S20.20. If your site is compliant to S20.20 you are checking grounding as part of your verification of flooring, work surfaces and other ESD control items. Hope this helps.


hi Chris,

thank you very much for the reply, yes i am referring to certification from accredited CB.
So either i have compliance verification of my grounding source or none, still acceptable?



Hi Rose,

For compliance verification, the resistance to ground of the ESD control items is sufficient. A specific ground test is not required.

Dear John,

thank you for the clarification. appreciate your response.