Groundable Static Control Garment System

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I have a Question regarding to the new update in Table 2. Personnel grounding Requirement (ESD 20.20-2021).
If we use the Garment type third and we meet the compliance verification, we can proceed to eliminate de use of the wrist strap in other words replace one by the other.?


Hello Porfirio,

The groundable static control garment system has both a groundable garment and wrist strap construction built in. The static control garment system must connect the person to the ESD ground by a resistance of less than 3.5x10*7 ohms which is the same as a wrist strap. If you have a groundable static control garment system you do not need a separate wrist strap system to ground personnel.

Thank you John for the clarification.

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I have a related question for JohnK.

Since a static control garment can preclude using a wrist strap, is a static control garment available that supports continuous monitoring?



Sorry but I am not aware of one. I am sure there must be some out there. It is possible that an impedance continuous monitor type system will work with a garment. These use a one wire system and may work with a garment system.