FAQ's about Volunteering/Being a Team Member

  • I have participated in a few working group meetings. I was wondering are there other things to participate in outside of the quarterly working groups?

We have lots of other opportunities for participation and numerous committees that meet monthly. If you are looking for committee experience, you should look at the various committees available at https://www.esda.org/committees-and-groups/. You can also reach out by email to info@esda.org and let us know how you want to help.

  • Unfortunately, I cannot travel as often as I would like, is there any way to volunteer virtually? I would love to help and be involved somehow.

Absolutely! You can visit https://www.esda.org/about-us/team-member-activities/become-a-volunteer/ to fill out a form with your interests and skills. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved without traveling from data analysis, writing/journalism, graphic design, remote committee participation, and assignments. We always hope to see all volunteers throughout the year, but this is often on a conference call!

  • At the last Symposium I attended, I overheard people talk about volunteering, but I read online “team member”. Is there a difference?

This is a very good question to ask! EOS/ESD Association, Inc. is a global association. Being involved globally comes with the challenges of cultural variations and translations from English to other languages. Volunteering is a word used in the United States to signify participating with an Association in your spare time, and it is not a part of your job responsibilities. Often, employers support volunteer participation. Team Member is synonymous with global use, so we are replacing “volunteer” with “team member” more and more in our communications.

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