ESDA certified bodies for S.20.20

In the list of Certified bodies under ESDA for S.20.20 I saw DQS Inc. which is a German company if I am correct. Do German company too follow American STDs.?

Further, could you please educate with information on following?

  1. Can any company globally ( may be a ESD MTL mfg/ marketing co.) With qualified professionals become an certified body for ESD S.20.20 audit certification with ESDA S.20.20 certified logo ?
  2. What is the process, fee, duration, renewal fee, contract or agreement with ESDA. ?
  3. Is there a course for this? Can it be on line ? What is the duration , eligibility etc?
  4. Is there anyone in India right now. ( Ofcourse two- three iNARTE certified Engineers are there ) any ESDA certified bodies) ?

My company( in New Delhi- India) is interested in this . Could you please guide me with detailed information and specifications?



ANSI/ESD S20.20 has world wide acceptance. There is also another standard IEC 61340-5-1 that is technically equivalent. There are certified facilities all over the world including Europe. DQS is one of the accredited certification bodies with world wide assessors. Most of the certification bodies listed on the ESD Association web site, have assessors all over the world.

As stated before, only certification bodies that have a national accreditation, for example accredited by ANAB in the USA, can apply.

For specific information on this please e-mail

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