ESD transport carts

Carts carrying ESD sensitive components do not come into contact with a dissipative floor (the floor is not ESD). and all sensitive components are transported in the EPA with dissipative boxes and trays.
To remove these measures from the requirement, we have the following questions.
. Is it necessary to make an adaptation?
. What is required to document for adaptation?

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If you want to remove the boxes and trays you would need to provide a plan on how to protect the ESD sensitive devices while on the cart. You also need to ground the card during the load and unload process. The packaging in trays and boxes allows the carts to be floating.
If you provide more details, a more specific answer can be given.


In fact, we want to eliminate the cart requirement because we don’t have an ESD floor in 90% of the plant.
All ESD sensitive components will be moved in ESD dissipative boxes and trays during shipment from one EPA area to another.

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Now I understand. The transport of ESD sensitive items can be done in ESD control packaging. As long as you place the items in ESD controlled boxes and trays and they stay in you facility, the carts do not need to be grounded during. Just document the process of placing the items in the proper package.