ESD Team building

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how can we build a successful esd team, what are the profiles and skills required of the team members and their manager?

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There is no one fits all answer to this question. However, I would say first and foremost you need an owner. An ESD coordinator is someone who manages the ESD program and insures compliancy to the standards. This may or may not be the person doing the physical verifications and testing. But they insure that its being done and that all ESD parties are compliant to their piece. Of course ESDA offers many great training opportunities that would help this person obtain clear understandings of ESD test methods and requirements. But I would suggest the person first become very engaged with your sties ESD documents and the ESDA standards to see if there are any area’s that are not clear and then reach out for advice on those. Someone that is familiar with technical writing and compliance should at least be able to understand how your program aligns to the standard. Hope this helps.


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Thank you Mr @csmithtrw for your help