ESD measurement on small surface


I know how to measure Rgp and Rg on a big worksurface (IEC 61340-5-1 and IEC 61340-5-2). Using 2,5 Kg circular electrode and a high resistance meter which follows IEC-6340-2-3.

But, my question is the following:
How Rg and Rgp are measured on dissipative materials where 2,5 Kg circular electrode are not able to place due to its dimensions (small surface)? Can I use 2-pin probe with only one electrode connected?

I do not found any information about it on IEC 61340-2-3…

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Currently, there are no standards for a one pin measurement, only the two pin measurement in IEC 61340-2-3. This would only be useful if a two point measurement were to be made. In the IEC Technical Report 61340-5-5 there is mention of a single point measurement being developed.

From a practical measurement, a single probe can be made of the two point probe. Just remember, there is no standard to make this measurement. Be sure to verify that the measurement the setup before the measurement is taken.

Hello JohnK,

Thanks for your quick answer, as far as I understand there is not any method for Rg calculation on small surface instead of single point measurement being developed but we are able to test using a probe electrode although there are no standard.

Thanks a lot !