ESD Floor grounded directly concrete


Good day to everyone! A new ESD floor has been poured in our warehouse and earthing is directly connected to the concrete. We tested the floor and result it passed the ANSI/ESD S20.20 requirement. Do we still need to connect the floor to our defined common ground point ?

Thank you



I would suggest that the floor just needs to be connected to the grounding system. This does not need to be a common point ground. From S6.1, there is a note ,

NOTE: The floor or floor mat may not have a distinct or identified electrical bonding connection to the common point ground, AC equipment ground or an Auxiliary ground as indicated by the dotted arrows in Figure 1A. Measurements of electrical resistance from the surface of the floor or floor mat to the ground reference system are necessary to confirm that an electrical bond is present.

It does need to be connected to the ESD defined grounding system.

Thank you, John as always!