ESD failures detection

Dear ESD Experts

what are the methods for detecting failures related to ESD in smt and assembly lines:
1-In the case of the use of equipment, what would this equipments be?
2-In case we prefer to use data analysis and statistics ?

my goal is to know a method that allows me to prove that ESD events are happening in certain places,and due to some process steps.

Thank you


To answer your question in detail would be very long and basically repeat what is currently in ESDA standards today. When you say “detect an ESD failure” I take that at a component level. Meaning how do you understand if a part failed due to an ESD event or other reason. This analysis can be very expensive and difficult and I venture to say most electronic manufacturers would not have that equipment in house. But rather would send the parts out for analysis or back to the manufacturer.

That all said, we focus our efforts on preventing the ESD event from being able to occur within the manufacturing process. I would recommend reviewing documents such as S20.20 and TR53 to familiarize yourself with requirements and verification test methods. Investing in a ESD audit equipment kit (readily available from multiple suppliers) will get you started in the right direction. There are also event monitors that can be installed within your equipment to detect an ESD event. But I would start with auditing of all of your process steps if that has not been done as of yet.

Hope this helps.

Dear Mr Chris

thank you for helping

about the implementation of the ESD prevention process it looks to me that it is correct in the EPAs we have:

  • all the conductors are grounded
  • the insulators are neutralized by the ionizers
  • and during transportation of ESDS we use only antistatic ESD bags
  • Here is the problem I encountered:
    when unpacking items received by the supplier (item in metalized packaging and in polystere inside a cardboard box), chain operators performing the gesture receive an ESD (probably due to triboelectricity in removing the items from the box)

what I do not find normal is the fact that humain bodies can feel this discharge , even that all grounding steps and the neutralization are done.

what would an expert act in this case

please advise

Best regards