ESD facility Audit Test & Certification


  1. What is the difference between an ESDA/iNARTE certified Engineer and and ESDA certified Agency for an ESD Facility Audit Test & certification. ?

Can both can do Audit Test & certify an ESD facility with ESDA S.20.20 logo ?

  1. If a customer can accept and NOT demanding facility Audit Test & certification by an ESDA certified Agency or Engineer ; can a person ( ESDA Member ) with required Engineering Qualification and experience in ESD field ( as per iNARTE requirement) do ESD facility Audit test and certify. ?

  2. Is there any standard ESD facility Audit Test & certification format?

  3. What is the standard frequency for ESD facility Audit Test & certification ( 12 months / 24 months / 36 months) ?

  4. Do the ESDA certified Engineers / Agencies need to renew their registration with ESDA every year like the ESDA membership?


Let me answer each questions,

Question 1
An iNarte certified engineer or ESD Association Program Manager cannot issue a facility certification with the ESD Association logo. Only lead assessors can assess a facility and a certificate can only be issued by an accredited certification body by the ESD Association with the ESD Association logo.

Question 2
Anybody can audit or assess a facility but only the accredited certification bodies can issue a certificate with the ESD Association logo.

Question 3
Yes, the certification bodies have the information to issue the certificate.

Question 4
The certification issued by a certification body needs to be renewed every year.

Question 5
There are requirements for the assessors and the certification bodies. That is in a contract between the ESD Association and the certification body.

There are many reasons that only certification bodies can issue certificates with the ESD Association logo. There are requirements such as liability, training, and reviews that occur between the organizations that cannot be done by an individual.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to post here.

Thank you for pointwise clarification.

But,one thing I would like to clarify again.
ie; Do the certified bodies use all the necessary ESD audit test & measuring instruments and check at the customer’s entire facility and issue the certification with a detailed observations & recommendation report. ?

Many ESD material suppliers do offer the audit test for Electronic mfg & repair facilities but using the std ESD TMIs ( Surface resistance meters with a pair of 5 lbs SS probes , Body voltage checker, Static Meters, etc, ) and give a detailed report to the client with their assessment as certification. Ofcourse, the personnel are qualified and experienced in ESD field and, few as Members of ESDA and few only as suppliers , OFCOURSE NOT with ESDA or any other global certification support OR with ESDA S.20.20 certified logo to their assessment

However, as per your confirmation in point 1 even ESDA/iNARTE certified engineer or an ESDA program Manager too cannot issue certification with the
ESDA S .20.20 certified logo. It is only ISO audit agencies certified by ESDA for S.2020.
Is my understanding correct?

It is indeed very nice getting good information from you every now and then.
Thank you , good day.


To be clear, the facility certification is to ascertain compliance to ANSI/ESD S20.20 or IEC 61340-5-1. In this regard, the assessors do not carry any equipment or do any testing as that is not the point. The company being assessed must demonstrate to the assessor that they have the proper equipment and the ESD control items meet the requirements in either standard. As part of the assessment, the assessor will select a sample of ESD control items for the company to measure.
There are also many other process procedures such as training, qualification of ESD control items and other procedures that must be verified.
This is much different training than what you are suggesting. This is also why certification bodies were chosen as they will just assess to the standard as they offer a non bias review of the process.