ESD event detector

hi ESD Experts,

can anyone here know the ESD threshold settings of ESD event detector in volts?
please email me at if this cannot be shared.

thank you in advance.

Without knowing which device you have it is impossible to provide an exact answer to the question. For an example the SCS CTM048 will measure 0-9v at 1v increments or 10-990v at 10v increments. This detail is located in the data sheet for the equipment. I suspect the same would hold true for your system as well. If not, I would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly to provide the information. Please feel free to provide more detail if possible and I’m sure someone on the forum will try and help.


thank you very much for your reply.
our device is CTM082. and technical specs does not indicate any threshold value that it can detect.

hope you can give me some info or anyone can give me contacts.

thank you.

I reached out to the manufacturer of your device and although they have not supplied the information as of yet. They indicated that it should exist. As the unit you have is of an older design it sounds like it is not highly supported. But rather more focus on the CTM048. But still, I can’t believe someone there doesn’t have what you are looking for. Just a matter of finding that someone. Will let you know if and when I get something more.


hi csmith,
thank you for your reply. hope can get the information from your contact. appreciate your response.

thank you.


Bad news unfortunately. After many emails with the vendor, it is clear that there is no data on the device you have. It will alert at an ESD event, but there is nothing to determine what that event it is and as such no way of knowing if it violates your control values. Short of conducting your own testing to determine its accuracy, there is nothing from the vendor to help. If this type of control is important to you, my recommendation would be to purchase a new device that has the level of control you are hoping for.


Hi Chris,

thank you very much for the update. appreciate your help.