ESD Coordinator / Technical Team Qualification /Requirements

The technical requirements/ESD Control item define in table 2,3 of the standard, are ONLY being used in the manufacturing area where there is also define environmental conditions, is tailoring acceptable that these are to be qualified using the manufacturing define environmental conditions.

Hi GenisaD,

If you look at the qualification section of ANSI/ESD S20.20 - 2021, ESD control items that are used within the facility can be qualified to the 23C, 12% Rh or by the lowest RH that exists in the facility. If your facility controls to no lower than 30% Rh, the ESD control items can be qualified at that RH.

This does not apply to ESD packaging that leaves the facility. Those items must be qualified to the RH in the individual STM.

This qualification only applies to ESD control item in this facility and cannot be used for qualification at other facilities.

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Hi John, thanks for the clarification on this requirement.