ESD Auditor Program

ESDA has introduced a new program “ESD Control Auditor Program” at a cost of around $2050 plus annual renewal fee @ $100.for Professionals / Consultants/Internal Auditors.

Will it be a global certification and how can it help the Professional-Consultants as it is is to be renewed annually. ? Can they conduct Compliance audits as third party ?

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Please send us an email at and we would be happy to provide more information about the ESD Control Program Auditor Certification.

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@esdtekniks, the ESD Control Program Auditor certification is intended for people who plan to conduct audits / assessments of ESD control programs. This may be internal auditors, consultants, or even employees of certification bodies who are certified to issue certificates on behalf of the ESDA - see more here.

The certification is a ‘personal certification’ that can be used globally, as the material is based on ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021 which is a widely used industry standard.

As with all certifications, there are renewal / recertification requirements to ensure people who are certified are remaining up to date with industry best practices. Renewal is completed annually, and recertification will likely occur either; after five years, or after major standard(s) updates.

Anyone (in theory) is able to conduct audits as a third party, however to issue an ESD Facility Certification you must be an accredited certification body - see more here.


Thank you Mr. Matt for your detailed clarification.

Well , I agree with you that this certification will not authorize for certifying any facility. But , as a professional or a consultant or a third party , one can conduct Compliance Audits which can be base for the user to go in for further facility certification from the ESDA Accredited Certifying Bodies/ Agencies.

Is my understanding correct ?

@esdtekniks, yes that is correct. It is fairly common for consultants or third party subject matter experts to conduct an assessment or evaluation of an organization’s ESD control program prior to a formal certification audit.

Thank you Mr. Matt for your re-confirmation on the clarification sought .

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