ESD Audit report

Hello ESDA team

Does the ESDA have a template or sample of an audit report? I have found some checklists which I can use, but was looking for a official report if there is any.

Looking forward to your responses.

The ESDA does not have a template or sample of an audit report. The certification bodies each have there own way of reporting but there are not specific requirements. Most audit reports will list the scope of the audit, which standard is being assesst to, a short description of the site and then the findings. This could include strenghts, observations, minor non-conformances and major non-conformances.

The filled out checklist is sometimes included along with the assessor notes but not always.

While there are many checklists out there, the one that the assessors used is avaiable from the ESDA.

ESDA does have generic audit template available for purchase on their website… But as John stated, most audit entities would have their own documents they would use.

EOS/ESD Association’s ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021 ESD Control Program Audit Checklist

But if you don’t have anything, maybe its what you are looking for.