EPA Rules - floor sinalization

Hello everybody !

I`d like to know if the EPA need a minimal distance to put the tape sinalization on the floor?

In my company , we have a room where we need to divide in office envioment and EPA, but we have a workbench close to floor sinalization. In this case , I need a minimal distance between the workbench and the sinalization

The only requirement is to be able to identify where the EPA starts. There is no minimal distance as long as the people entering the EPA know to use the proper ESD controls.

ESD Standards doesnt refer about any distance for floor marking with respect to ESD Control item such as worksurface/ bench. Floor marking are only for visual identification of EPA.

Only point to note here is that work surface/bench should have proper grounding in the area, floor marking shouldnt hinder the grounding of the workbench in EPA any manner.

George John