Electrostatic protection process requirements for embedded core board?

The chip is embedded in the board. For electrostatic protection control, which processes should we pay special attention to and what should we pay attention to?

Hi Timmy,
Your question is a little general and I will give you my standard answer, it depends.

While the chip may be embedded in the board, are there any external connections that go directly to the chip? Are you concerned about the board assembly at all? How sensitive is the chip to HBM and CDM?

If the device is still exposed a simple ESD program may be all you need. Until the device is not exposed to any discharges, either through the connectors or by handling, it is difficult to specify one or two process steps.

Without seeing or understanding the process you are concerned with, it would be difficult to give you specific direction.

Thank you, because of the confidentiality of the customer’s technology, it’s not convenient to say the problem of too detailed process, but the question you want to ask has been solved.