Electrostatic charge checking

I’d like to ask. If the person is connected in a ground through a wrist strap, is it still helpful to have a device tracking the electrostatic charge of their hands?

Typically, if a person is connected to ground via a wrist strap with a good connection, the body voltage will be less than 10 volts. To monitor a person is now a matter of risk. Is it possible for the wrist strap not work or become defective? How sensitive are the devices that are being worked on. While there is no requirement to monitor the voltage of a person, it depends on the process and the devices.

You might consider adding a continuous monitor for your wrist strap connection as an added layer of protection. This will alert it the ground connection is interrupted. If the risk is high for ESD damage, even with the operator grounded due to the operation itself and or parts. An event detector could also be added and set to the required max voltage. Just a couple additional thoughts.

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Thank for this! I do agree with this suggestion.