Electric screwdriver

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What specification and equipment should be applied for the measurement of electric screwdrivers for compliance verification that are generally used to screw PCBs and units with ESDS components and thus comply with the ANSI ESD S.20.20 standard?

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This is a real “it depends” type of question. First, consider if this device connects or has any contact with an ESD sensitive device. For example, if the screw connection is to ground, that might not be sensitive to ESD.
But if it does, there are a couple of tests to consider. The first one would be to see if the tip could be considered an isolated conductor. To measure this, have a grounded operator hold the device as they would in production. Then measure from the tip to ground. If the measurement is less than 1x109 ohms, the tip is grounded and you are done.
If the tip is greater than 1x10
9 ohms to ground, then see if the voltage on the tip is greater than 35 volts. If it is greater, then you must do something to eliminate the voltage.

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