Electric screwdriver grounding requirements

Hello John, Regarding the electric screwdriver in ESD regulation, is it possible to measure the resistance of the tip to ground when the tip is turned on
Less than 1x109Ω is considered qualified. If the tip is measured to ground greater than 1x109 Ω, can an ionizer be used to dissipate the voltage?

First check to see if the screwdriver comes into contact with an ESD sensitive item. Most of the time, they may come into contact with ground or just make a mechanical connection. In this case, there is nothing needed to be done.
If it does come into contact with an ESD sensitive items and the tip to ground resistance is greater than 1x109 ohm and the tip has a resistance of less than 1x104 ohms, then treat it like an isolated conductor. If the tip is less than 35 volts then you are done, if greater then ionization may be the solution but measure again to be sure.

First of all, thank John for your answer
So does the electric screwdriver still need to control the tip -to -ground leakage voltage? Or do you just need to control the ground resistance?

At this point, tip to ground would be the only requirement on screwdrivers or anything except soldering/desoldering irons.