Effect of Negative Voltage

First posting, hope someone can help.
We are trying to learn how to test process-required insulators using a handheld digital electrostatic fieldmeter. Since we are learning as we go, there are several things that we just don’t know yet.
For instance, is negative voltage harmful to ESDS components?
This might seem like a silly question but the only way I know to maybe get an answer is to ask.

Hello, no such thing as a silly question.

Usually, we try to protect for positive and negative voltage sources. Unfortunately, we often just refer to the positive number with the understanding that the negative voltage is just as bad. There are some devices that will have different withstand voltages from a positive or negative pulse but the more sensitive number is the one reported.

Thanks John, that helps a great deal. It confirms what I thought to be the case, but I needed to be sure. Thanks again!