Dissipative esd paper

We use certified dissipative paper for PCB identification at our plant. One person comments that ordinary paper does not generate static.

Could you eliminate the purchase of this paper and replace it with the one for common use?
Do you think that this change would cause problems in the product or in the audits?

The problem with paper is it’s a very variable material. Different types of paper vary by orders of magnitude in their basic resistance charcteristics if you were to compare them at a set humidity level. Then, they vary by orders of magnitude in resistance with changes in humidty. Coatings and treatments add another layer of variation. I once measured a range of papers (from my office bin) resistance between 20 %rh and 70 %rh. At 20 %rh they were all >100 GΩ (insulative). at 70 % rh some were in the tens of MΩ range, but a few were still > 100 GΩ. So, if you want to be sure what the characteristics of your paper was, you would need to do a similar experiment with it to find out. Once you have selected a suitable paper, you would need to stick with that make/type and even then occasionally check to make sure no changes have been made that affect its characteristics.