Cordless Wrist Band Query

Kindly help us to solve this query how human body static charges will discharge by using cordless wrist band and also confirms cordless wrist band is useful tool for ESD protection.


Cordless wrist straps are not useful for ESD protection. For a short video to demonstrate that you can go to Wireless Wrist Straps Are Not Effective - YouTube or to the ESD Association short videos on many topic at EOS/ESD Industry Videos | EOS/ESD Association, Inc. and select the video, “Wireless wrist straps are not effective”.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please feel free to post them.


Thanks you for your quick response and help us to solve this query.

I am in no way in support of the wireless wrist strap and agree they are not effective when compared to our standard use case. The video shows exactly why this is.

But in full disclosure, I first saw this wireless wrist strap in Reno, NV and an ESDA event several years ago. Which I believe was their first appearance. We had to explain and show the vendor why these were not effective tools and they removed them from their display. The one thing they did point out however was the concept that the user would touch a ground point periodically with the strap to discharge any build up. This does in fact remove the charge. However there is no control in this process and no customer I know of would support this process. So the concept wasn’t that they would magically ground a user somehow. But the use case was still uncontrolled and use of these should never be relied upon.