Comparison and the key differences between the two Global ( ANSI & IEC) ESD Control Standards S

Now that IEC 61340-5-1-2016 is also revised to 2024 version recently subsequent to the ANSI/ESD S 20.20 2021 new version released in Jan 2022, May I request the ESDA experts to educate all in the ESD Forum on the
Comparison and the key differences between the two Global ( ANSI & IEC) ESD Control Standards

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It is a known fact that both the standards are technically equivalent and endorsed by ESDA .
But as the detailed printed versions of both the standards are not available with many except the the ANSI/ESD S 20.20 to compare two exactly , I look forward to Mr. JohnK and colleagues (ESDA experts) to please guide and benefit all of us on this ESD forum platform.

Thanking you in advance

Good question to ask. In fact, these two standards are now almost identical. There are IEC equivalent standard test methods and compliance veriifcation documents, but they are gernerally technically equivalent.

Grounding - ANSI/ESD requires less tha 1 ohm impedence
IEC - Defined by each countires electical code
Personal Grounding - ANSI/ESD Footwear/Flooring maximum resistance to groundable point 1e9
IEC Footwear/Flooring maximum system to groundable point 1e8

Compliance verification - ANSI/ESD use TR53
IEC use IEC 61340-5-4 (which is technically equivalent to TR53)

Wrist Strap bonding point - ANSI/ESD 2 ohms
IEC up to 5x10*6 ohms

Soldering Irons - ANSI/ESD has limits and test methods
IEC has no mention of soldering irons

Continous monitors - ANSI/ESD user defined
IEC has no mention of continous monitors

Ionization - ANSI/ESD has user define for decay, 35 volt offset
IEC has a decay of less than 20 sec or user defined, 35 volt offset

Packaging - ANSI/ESD has a reference to US department of defense
IEC has no reference

That are the major differences. There are some minor wording differences of course that do not impact any technical requirements.

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Mr. John K,
Thank you so much Sir for your instant support . :pray: