Clarification on "adopting this standard" for PQ reasons

Our organization began ESD certification with the 2007 standard about 10 years ago. S20.20-2021 section 7.3 states (in part): Organizations that can verify the use of ESD control items before adopting this standard to certify their ESD control program can use compliance verification records to meet product qualification requirements. These records shall cover a minimum of one year and reflect a timeframe immediately before using as product qualification records.

Is it a correct interpretation to say adoption is when my organization officially cut over to the 2021 standard from the 2014 standard? (Sept 19, 2022 btw).


Yes you can. Everything that was qualified before the adoption of ANSI/ESD S20.20 - 2021 does not need to be requalified. Only new ESD control items (different supplier or different material) will need to qualified per the 2021 standard.

Thanks for the clarification John. Is it in the S20.20-2021 standard that items qualified prior to the adoption does not need to be requalified? I have two issues brewing with two different international auditors on the first 2021 cert audits for the respective site. One is for this (requalification) and the other is against my original question about when the standard is considered adopted. This would go along way to help resolve the findings.

Thanks again,

As far as when the standard was adopted, that would be for the organization to specify. Of course after the first facility certification assessment then the organization would have adopted it.