Caulificacion del producto

Good day
for product qualification in the 7.3 of the ANSI ESD20.20 standard specifies that to ensure that the ESD control elements comply with the methods and limits of tables 2 and 3.
The question is
Are other auditing standards accepted for this qualification?
EN1149-2: 1997 for wristbands and gloves.
EN388: 2004 for Foot Grounders
GB / T12703.4-2010 ESD gowns

Thank you for your question. The answer as with many things in the ESD control world is “it depends”. If the EN and GB test procedures are equivalent to the Table 2 and 3 references then they are fine to use them and you can show compliance to an assessor to S20.20. The problem is that you will have to understand the ESDA procedures and compare directly to the EN and GB procedures to make sure they are measuring the same properties of the material in question. The IEC61340 series of test methods, specifications and reports generally follow the ESDA procedures so can be referenced directly. It is likely that the EN and GB procedures follow the IEC but you need to verify.