Category 3B HBM ESD Sensitivity Range

At one point category 3B HBM was from 8000v-15999v, and all parts classified as category 3B were considered ESD sensitive. Reviewing ANSI-ESDA-JEDEC JS-001-2017, Table 3, category 3B is greater than or equal to 8000v. Does this mean that all devices with sensitivity greater than 8000v (including beyond 16000v) are considered ESD sensitive, or are devices classified as category 3B no longer considered ESD sensitive?


So this is similar to conductivity… every item is conductive… its just that some are way better conductors than others. So in this logic, all parts are ESD sensitive… its just that some are way more sensitive than others and thus the table 3 is born.

Within this table 3B applies to any part can withstand 8000v and us such if exposed to an ESD event greater than 8000v than the part is at risk.

So if the table was previously 8k to 16k, than yes they made a change that parts in this category before were fine being exposed to 15000v. Where now this is a risk.

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