ASTM D257 vs STM11.13

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In the S20.20, Sec. 8.4 (Table 4), the Dissipative packaging is (> 1.0 x 104 to < 1.0 x 1011) with STM11.13 for Product Qualification and ESD TR53 Compliance Verification as the test methods.

Our material documentation from the manufacturer uses ASTM D257 as the test method with a value of (> 1.0 x 105 to < 1.0 x 1011).

Is the ASTM D257 compatible with STM11.13? Are the values provided by the manufacturer sufficient for product qualification or are we required to requalify the material in-house to the STM11.13?

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D257 is really an insulation measurement. That specification allows for multiple types of probes and voltages. It is not compatible with ANSI/ESD STM 11.11. It should be requalified by the supplier using the correct standard.

If it is possible, do the measurements using the correct probe and voltage according to ANSI/ESD STM 11.11 as an action plan until you can get the proper data. Ensure that there is a compliance verification plan for the material as a corrective action.

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You referenced STM11.11 for planar surfaces. We will be testing our packaging material. JEDEC trays, bags, etc. We purchased STM11.13 for 2-point probe and STM11.31 for Bags. Will those be sufficient?

Yes, that should be sufficient. The 2 point probe may give different results depending on the JEDEC tray construction. With carbon loading you may find a wide range of resistances. Just be aware.