ANSI S20.20 Re-Certification

Our company is ANSI S20.20 certified since 2017, and we are doing yearly re-certification by 3rd party(TUV) all these years.

I would like to ask is it compulsory do it yearly?
Or, is it an option we can perform “bi-yearly” or “1 year certification audit/1 year surveillance audit”. If yes, what is the condition?


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Hi Wong,

ANSI S20.20 has its own certification guidelines. This is currently set on Certification/Re-certification annually. There is no surveillance unlike other certification.
Questions: Can you expound why do you want it bi-yearly? Any specific reason why you want it bi-yearly?


Hi GM,
Our company management is throwing question if ANSI audit could follow like other certification(e.g IATF, ISO)
As Product Qualification activity decreasing over time(one time activity), the weight of yearly audit will be more on compliance verification, may be alternate year surveillance audit is sufficient.
May we understand the rational reason the association set as annually certification/Re-certification?


Hi Wong,

When the program was initially developed a surveillance assessment was considered. However, there would not be much difference between a full assessment and surveillance assessment. At most, for a large company, a full assessment would take at most two days where a surveillance assessment might be 1.5 days. The cost difference would be minimal.

Hi John,
Thanks for enlighten.