2 layer Rubber mat drying out

I have been using a Rubber table mat that is .08" thick with 2 layers and the mats don’t seem to last after a couple of years of use. the mat eventually becomes insulative and hard. the resistance goes well into the 10^9. I’ve noticed that if an item e.g. meter has covered a section of the mat for a long period of time the surface underneath the meter is pristine. All areas outside of the meter will be a slight darker color. In one case we had a 30" x 60" worksurface mat with a second 24" by 24" mat on top of the center of the workstation and all the area under the 24" x 24" mat is like new and all areas outside of at 24" x 24" mat is aged. Its almost looks like someone used an airgun to spray the surface. The work environment is highly controlled 65-72F with humidity between 30-60 % RH.

Any recommendations on how to make this material last longer. Any white papers on non rubber matting which are the pros and cons of alternate material?


One failure mechanism is UV light. This sounds like the issue you are experiencing. There has been some research done on that. You can review the following article. https://incompliancemag.com/article/early-life-failure-of-dissipative-workstation-mats/

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.